“If only our dog could write this review! London absolutely loves Kozy Kennels! We drop him off for a stay or play dates and he can’t get out of the car fast enough. He starts to get excited once we turn onto the road to the kennel and he can’t contain himself by the time we pull in the driveway. As soon as we open the door he runs to Cindy as fast as he can.

The first time I dropped London off I was nervous, as he had never been in a kennel in his first three years of life, but now I think he would move in there permanently if he could! Cindy and Brendan are amazing with all the dogs and I know London is loved and so well taken care of. They truly are an amazing facility, run by some real dog lovers (and the dogs love them just as much!).”


“Hi..I’m Cooper’s Mom. Cooper Loves Cindy and Brendon. The word “kennel” means WHAT?? OMG.. YES!!!!!!!! And he runs to jump in the car.

He absolutely adores going there. Cooper is the happiest dog there is..and there is no tiring him out….until he goes to the “kennel”. When I pick him up…he is dirty..and tired and sleeps for two days afterwards. Cindy and Brendon were a godsend when i was taking classes at UPEI and working fulltime. I needed them. Now that things have quieted down.. going to the “kennel” is an honest to God treat.

I can’t say enough about Cindy and Brendon and what a wonderful place they have for dogs. The stereotypical boarding kennel…this is not. The dogs are spoiled…loved…and are given undivided attention.”

Deborah O’Brien and Cooper

“We have been clients of Cindy and Brendon almost since they opened Kozy Kennels. Our dog loves to go for play day’s and also for boarding for when we travel. All I have to say to our dog “Grace” is the word Cindy and she gets excited. She paces the floor until we get in the car and moves from side to side, as much as her seat belt harness will allow, until we get there. When either Cindy or Brendon greet us she makes a dash for the kennel door, straining at her leash, telling us that she wants to be there. She is always happy to go to Kozy Kennels and happy and tired when she comes home.

Cindy is very knowledgeable about dog behaviour and dog’s needs. She really understands them and is very careful about which dogs she puts together for play ensuring that they get maximum enjoyment in a stress free play environment. She understands their personalities, strengths, weaknesses and anxieties and works to ensure they have a happy stay.

We have left “Grace” at the kennel, sometimes for two or three weeks, when we travel. She is always happy and tired when we get her, to bring her home. Cindy and Brendan make sure animal family members are cared for in a caring responsible way.”

Les & Pat Chipperfield

“We just want you to know how much our girls Angel and Emma enjoy their time with you. The “play dates” are fabulous and they come home completely exhausted. It’s a great place for the dogs and peace of mind for us without worrying about them.

As you know, one of our girls was very shy before her visits to Kozy Kennels but she has come out of her shell and is completely at ease with you. I would certainly recommend your Kennels to anyone with dogs who need some fun as well as a safe place to stay.

Keep up the good work.”

Best wishes.
Pam and Tony Redman

“We have boarded our dogs with Cindy and Brendon for 4 years and are very happy with their service. The staff is very dog friendly and it is very comforting to know the dogs are in great hands which helps relieve our anxiety over boarding our dogs when we are away. I can email Cindy anytime to see how the dogs are doing and when we pick up the dogs they are happy, clean and content. Brendon even sat with them through a thunderstorm to keep them calm. This sort of service is priceless.”

Heather Pringle and John Toner

“Our lab goes here and loves loves loves it…as do we. Cindy and Brendon treat Troy with love and care just as he was their own. The kennel is well maintained and we often recommend it. Give your dog a real treat …book at Kozy Kennels and see the excitement in your dog as they return.”

Kathy Linkletter